型号  Model: : SZ-1423P
品牌  Brand: : SUNZITEK
产品的名称 : : 多针机
Description: : 23 needle flatbed double chainstitch sewing machine

SZ-1400 series are a flatbed, multi needles, double chainstitch machine

These series are multi-purpose machine for attaching elastic, attaching waislb and sewing the front of shirts, attaching line tapes,  smocking and shirring etc... Which are ideal for underwear, sportswear, lady’s clothes, interior decorated goods (curtains, table-clothes etc.).


MR: Machine with Ruffling Device    

WB: Machine for Attaching Waisrbands  

PSF: Machine for shirt fronting    

PSM: Machine for smocking      

PSSM: Machine for simultaneous shirring+smocking

ET: Looper thead elastic model

PSET: Machine with shirring(Needle: Polyester Thredd, Looper: Elastic Thredd)

PQ: Machine with shirring(Needle: Polyesrer Thredd. Looper: Polyester Thread, Elastic Thread: threading on surface of needle plate.)

PL: Machine for Attadhing Line Topes Option: MD-1: Metering Device

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