该机结构合理,是一种具有自动剪线、  自动停车、  自动抬压脚、自动拔线等功能的机械自动循环的缝纫机。 具有极高的生产效率 , 完全按照缝制数据进行高质量缝纫,实现了低张力缝制和广泛的可缝性能。切线后无需进行再处理,可防止缝纫开始时易出现的脱线. 鸟巢状及缝线污迹。清洁整制,强大的机针贯穿力。采用CF卡、低噪音、低振动、电耗低、经济实用。

This machine have reasonable structure,auto trimmer, auto stop,auto lifter,auto thread wiper ,auto-cycle sewing machine. Have high efficiency working,high quality. Sewing according to sewing data, realize lower tension sewing and wide range sewing . after auto triimer, no need other operation ,can prevent thread loose when start sewing again,nest-like and sewing thread splodge. Clean sewing ,strong needle penetrability,use the CF card, low noise ,low vibrate ,lowpower consumption,economical and practical.